We have developed a complete Virtual Reality Multiuser Application where all users have the exact same experience when using their own individual Virtual Reality Oculus Quest 2 Headsets in a group setting such as a School Classroom.

This application will allow any user to connect individual Nucleotides into a partial DNA molecular chain.

This application allows any user, at any time, to interact with any of the four basic Nucleotides, namely; Thymine, Adenine, Guanine and Cytosine, provided with the application.

All users will be able to observe when a particular user has grabbed an individual Nucleotide and attempt to connect it to another Nucleotide.  Each time a bond is created between Nucleotides a distinctive “clicking sound” will be heard by all users.  Any of the bonds between Nucleotides can be removed by pulling the trigger on the hand controller while holding the Nucleotide which will result in a distinctive “popping sound”.

When a particular Nucleotide is grabbed by an individual user, a “grabbed by” message will appear above the Nucleotide identifying the user who now has a grip on the Nucleotide.  All other users will be able to observe this.

All software code documentation and version control is maintained by Microsoft’s Azure Dev Ops Server for this project.